League City Lecture Series


The Lecture Series is on hiatus until further notice




A list of our previous talks. We can bring speakers back if others want to hear the presentations:


Roy Hughes - U.S. Policy towards the Middle East.


Jack Roady - Galveston County District Attorney - The Latest Innovations in Forensic Science as it Relates to Criminal Investigations


Doryn Danner Glenn - The historical records available in the Galveston County District Clerk's Office


Dr. Wendell Mendell - The Hubble Telescope: the Back Story


 Freeman Mendell - What happened in Waco and who was David Koresh, really?


Mike VanDusen - The Politics of the Republic of Texas


Dwight Sullivan, County Clerk - Historical Records available in the County Clerk's Office


David Woodward - The War of 1812 from the Canadian perspective.


Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset will speak on the Sheriff's Office


Freeman Mendell, MA – Who Was King John of England and what was the significance of his reign.


John Kinard, Galveston County District Clerk, former Resident Agent of the FBI, over 6 counties including Galveston County


Chuck Maricle, Captain USCG Auxiliary - The Role of the Coast Guard in the Bay Area 


Rich Garcia, Retired Assistant Director of the FBI - Undercover, Spies and Crime Fighting - My Twenty Eight years in the FBI


Mike VanDusen - The Battle of Surigao Straits, October 1944. The Death Knell of the Japanese Navy. In WW I


Jack Roady. Galveston County District Attorney – Legislative Updates to the Criminal Code


Freeman Mendell, MA – Who Was King John of England and what was the significance of his reign


DEA – Acting Assistant Special Agent In Charge (ASAC) Michael Sanders


Dr. Wendell Mendell – Water on Mars: The Back Story


James Morrison, Computer Scientist, FBI – Personal Computer Security


Freeman Mendell- How to get started in Genealogy. One man's 40 year journey in researching his family tree.


David Falloure - History of the Port of Houston and the Houston Ship Channel, and maybe sprinkle in a bit of history on the Port of Beaumont


Doryn Glenn, Galveston County District Clerk’s Office - Immigration records in the District Clerks Office and how to use them in research.


Louis Aulbach and Linda Gorski – The History of Camp Logan – Mr. Aulbach has written several books on the history of the Greater Houston Area. Mrs. Gorski is the President of the Houston Archeological Society


Chuck Maricle - Changes in the Concealed Carry License. Chuck is a Concealed Handgun License Instructor.